Too Many T’s premiere their new video for the track titled ‘Work Ethic’ featuring Chill Bump. While the video offers a triple perspective of the rhyme, the video also unisons the rhythm in the perception of hip and the appearance of suave. This video is a smooth collaboration of everything #indie is meant to be and that is innovative and all-inclusive.

With the addition of French artists Chill Bump, a new addition to the sound that is too many is now never enough with a slick and consistent beat and a track that reminds us of what hip-hop once was and can be again.

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About ‘Work Ethic’

Energetic hip hop duo, Too Many T’s, pay homage to society’s hard-workers with their latest single, Work Ethic, out 20th March.

Teaming up with French heavyweights Chill Bump, the upbeat track explores the benefits of finding your purpose and persevering. Fittingly, the collaboration itself is the result of Too Many Ts own musical journey, with Tours based Chill Bump inspiring the pair in their early music career.

The eye-catching accompanying visual features three videos, one for each vocalist on the track. Filmed in single takes across South Korea and France, the vertically stacked videos play simultaneously, created with mobile device viewers in mind.

LA FAM ILL was written in Asia, recorded in the UK and produced in France with 14 European artists from Chinese Man to Yoshi. In a world of building up walls and pushing through Brexit, Too Many T’s are crossing borders and connecting people through music.

About Too Many T’s

Leon and Ross – the award-winning, fun-loving, head-nodding, laugh-giving duo; inspired by a love for old school party hip hop. Equally at home making truly innovative music videos or turning the dancefloor into a mosh-pit; the T’s have toured the world performing at festivals and clubs with their high-energy performances and unique brand of feel-good hip hop. The past two years have seen them tour Australia, India, South Korea, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands and almost every corner of the UK and France – leaving behind ear-to-ear smiles and infectious energy everywhere they go.

With two critically acclaimed studio albums under their belt, amassing over 5M streams and collaborations with the likes of Flux Pavilion, Chinese Man, Dub Pistols and Grieves, the T’s continue to demonstrate their versatility with a plethora of work both on record and screen.

A genuine love and passion for performance have seen them share the stage with De La Soul, Wu-Tang, Rag n Bone Man, Rudimental, Public Enemy and even Snoop Dogg. 2020 will see the T’s lock themselves in the studio to concentrate on new music whilst playing some handpicked and select festivals and events, guaranteeing each show will be supercharged.