Trace Kotik has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Chaos’. The video is a brilliant and unique experiment in social media and emotion. The result is a beautiful video that is a time stamp on our current sociological collective state. Combine that with the song, which reveals its own colors in sound of subtle emotion, and you have the definition of art.

About ‘Chaos’

The ‘Chaos’ music video is an installation created by Kotik’s father and colleague, Omer Harel, as part of their masters of design studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Featuring a barrel of water with a transducer underneath and a projector above, they are both connected to a computer that feeds data from a website that translates the collective moods (surprise, joy, anger, fear, sadness, love,) of Twitter users’ tweets in different locations, assigning each emotion a color. The transducer receives a frequency matching the color of the mood determined, which then feeds through the projector to cast that color onto the water. The video combines recordings of all of these emotions, symbolizing the chaos of feeling and the beauty of humanity. 

About Trace Kotik

Trace Kotik is a singer-songwriter/producer from the countryside of Israel, for the past year and a half he has been working on his debut LP – “Everything has been done by now so now everything is possible…” from his childhood house, which he converted into a recording studio. The album is a strong Indie-Rock/Folk maximalist piece with songs about home, hope, love, existential questions and chaos.

Featured image by Jenny Selegey.