Racked during a magical week at the legendary Rancho de la Luna studios in Joshua Tree, CA by producer/engineer Andy Freeman, and highlighted by the likes of Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal) as a special guest, debut of the new born outfit Vast Asteroid is able to instantly bring together the lovers of shoegaze, cosmic rock, britpop and heavier stuff like stoner and desert rock.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Vast Asteroid is a supergroup of sorts, composed of The Warlocks bassist Mimi Star, seminal UK punk-rock
band Slaughter And The Dogs drummer Mark Reback and singer and guitarist James Poulos.

After previously playing together in various configurations, the members coalesced around a shared love of the immersive, propulsive and passionate music of shoegaze, space rock, desert
rock, art grunge, and britpop. They also gave a name to this unique blend they together give shape to: spacegaze.

And they got it right, judging by the cosmic afflatus that permeates their rock-hard wall of fuzz. This record is a glance at the night sky from the desert, and its otherworldly yet hauntingly familiar epic instantly blows your mind and soothes your soul. The songs foundations lay on a tremendously mighty rhythm section, that shakes your speakers as if an asteroid had felt into your back yard; while brilliant guitar riffs and vocals capture the listener and won’t ever free him. The extra guitar madness by Dave Catching on “Spacegaze” is the icing on the cake.

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Songcraft is particularly treated, and the band shows the ability to take away everything that is not needed, leading us straight to the very essence of things.

Born from a brief writing and rehearsal period in and around the Highland Park neighborhood of L.A., the band’s debut full-length album, is out now.