Simply put, “Roller Coaster” is a beautiful song by Albanian artist Vullnet Neziri. The track is pure songwriting mastery with hooks at every turn of the roller coaster combined with a thickness that is the melody.

The video above further encapsulates the essence by merely riding a roller coaster in such an eloquent way as to give visual meaning to the song.

About Vullnet Neziri:
Finding the heart of a song and bringing it life for eager ears is not a skill all are able to master; those that can though make a vivaciously memorable proposition. Macedonian-born singer VULLNET NEZIRI is one with that ability.

With an instinctive love for music since a child, his vocal craft and charm, as well as musical ability, has blossomed into an ear-grabbing proposition which saw Vullnet chosen and featured on THE VOICE OF ALBANIA in 2013. There was a recognised maturity to his voice and style which took attention; an essence which has grown and been further honed in the subsequent busy time since that success as Vullnet built towards the release of his debut single in 2015.

Written by Academy Award and Grammy Award nominated, Golden Globe winning songwriter DIANE WARREN, ‘You Got Me’ shone with Vullnet’s harmonic prowess and emotive expression, eventually peaking at No.9 on the Official European Independent Music Chart. Its warm fusion of country rock and pop was met with increasing success and support whilst also providing a potent teaser for his debut album which is currently in the works. Featuring songs written by a variety of top songwriters and producers, the album will be a multi-flavoured proposal revealing the depth of Vullnet’s musical tastes and styles.

Before then, second single ‘Roller Coaster’ is poised to light up the UK pop scene with its alluring presence whilst simultaneously providing another individual hint to the variety destined to embrace ears in that upcoming full-length.

‘Roller Coaster’ is an emotive weave of melodic and harmonic textures, a lively serenade sure to enthral and excite ears and spirits alike.

Released June 20th, the HOOK AND RHYME RECORDS released single is a beacon in dark times and a romancing for summer days much like the voice of Vullnet Neziri. Get your copy HERE.

SOURCE: Official Bio

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