Blissfully engaging in its catchy rawness, You People’s new video for “Deliver Me Home” really hits home when it comes to that raw energy and hooky goodness that brought bands like R.E.M. and Hüsker Dü to the masses. And now it seems that You People are poised to take the Indie crown and run with it. Bravo!

About You People
Since their debut performance, Boston’s, You People have been quietly amassing a tattered catalog of noise-pop songs with feedback-soaked brutality. Slashing guitar circles over fuzzed-out rhythm and poignant half-confessional/half-accusatory lyrics sung in 3 part harmony; the whole affair constantly threatening to run off the rails at any moment. 4 years of explosive creativity has resulted in You People throwing down a much-anticipated heavy classic that harkens back to albums that shaped the band as impressionable 80s youth. “Dropouts” available in late Fall from Custom Made Music is You People’s first full-length album and is a celebration of life’s failures, as well as its tempered victories

You People are:
Hadley Solomon : Bass / Vocals
James Brockman: Guitar / Vocals
Christopher Keene: Drums / Vocals