1. Last Look Gaze 3:35

Gaze are a 5-piece indie/alternative band from Cape Town, South Africa. The band formed at the end of 2020 when Lauren and Reggie would try to get away with fitting as many Phoebe Bridgers songs onto the day shift playlist of the bar/restaurant where they both worked.

They began writing their own Bridgers-adjacent batch of songs with Dan, Desmond and Markus and soon developed a sound that merges Lauren’s knack for melancholic lyricism with lush, guitar-driven sonic textures. Their songs will make you want to cry, think wistfully about past relationships and tell your friends you love them.

Gaze’s debut single, Last Look, is a pensive and indirect depiction of a relationship coming to an end – set to the ruminative shimmer of shoe-Gaze and the nostalgia of 90’s-tinged alt-rock.

Last Look started out as a riff that Reggie wrote while reinterpreting the opening of Heat Wave by Snail Mail. The song quickly took shape within a rehearsal as Lauren brought forth a collection of phrases she had been crafting.

At the time, the song wasn’t written about anything in particular. However, like squinting at a stereogram, those phrases that were pieced together began to resemble the recollection of a closing chapter between two people. With details of tender, tenuous and arbitrary moments, the song is a fractured memory of a finite relationship – one that is looked back upon not with anger or remorse but a wistful acceptance.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Featured image by Joshua Stein.