Brittany Glodean, aka BGlo, is quickly becoming one of the hottest young music and dance artists in the entertainment industry. The granddaughter of the legendary Barry White and Glodean White, BGlo has already experienced a successful modeling career and is rapidly proving that music talent runs in the family. Glodean will be releasing her first video showcasing her iconic dance style on Friday, September 5, 2014 via her official YouTube channel

The video gives fans a glimpse into a typical day in the life of Brittany Glodean. She explains, “I worked really hard leading up to this video. I wanted to show how diverse I am in the industry; not only do I love to make music but I love to dance. Letting people into a day in my life is essential to me and allows them to really be able to connect with me and see the process that leads to success!” BGlo recently released a teaser of the video here.


Brittany Glodean Teaser from Brittany Glodean on Vimeo.