1. An Interview with Social Media Celebrity Nicole Ciravolo Jammerzine Exclusive 50:54

We are mixing it up when it comes to interviews. As you know, normally we interview musicians, but today, we are branching out and have reached out to an internet celebrity in the form of TikTok sensation Nicole Ciravolo. Having already gotten major press from the likes of Buzzfeed (article HERE), Nicole has not only began captivating audiences on the TikTok platform but is someone who is seasoning her resume and honing her craft. Having already gained experience via Second City, Nicole is expanding her experience via the various outlets out there and gaining an audience with her personality, style, and skillsets after having literally conquered TikTok with millions of views and likes while also rapidly approaching a million followers.

And today we get a glimpse of things to come with this exclusive interview with Nicole. We discuss her plan for the future, as well as her take on the state of entertainment in this new era of the pandemic and #metoo and the big secret of how to engage with premium content plus her take on the recent battle between TikTok and the U.S. Government. Enjoy!

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About Nicole Ciravolo

Nicole Ciravolo is an actor and screenwriter from Los Angeles, CA who has been using TikTok as a creative outlet during the quarantine. She’s been acting and doing comedy since she first snuck into her parent’s room to watch SNL. Whether it’s TikTok, stand-up, a sketch at Second City, or her own screenplay, Nicole loves to weave social commentary in with her work.