Howard Kaye has released his new single titled ‘Shadows in the Dark’. That part of ourself that we don’t want anyone to know about yet partially defines us now has a dark and telling soundtrack. That feeling of what we fear about ourself bubbling to the surface while knowing we are better than that lends to the music and lyrics from someone who has been there himself and came through the other side a better person.

The music is fitting with a slight haunting feeling and a daunting delivery for the lyrics with a signature sound from the first chord that subtly turns into an anthem for the struggle. Full of what you are and letting you know its ok to be who you are, ‘Shadows in the Dark’ blend the dark and the light to let you bask in the grey. Because that is what life is.

About Howard Kaye

Howard Kaye is a prime example of an artist who is moving with the times and reverting back to his true and belonging passions. Starting off in the world of hip-hop/electronic music as the lead singer for UK group CROOX, Howard quickly found his love for different genres, as well as the explorational realms you can go to when being as part of a creative group. Through a lot of success, he then slowly started to realise that although his passion for electronic and hip-hop was viable, he had always grown up influenced by the powerful and mesmerising world of rock.

Listening to the likes of Linkin Park and Slipknot as a teenager, Kaye embedded these artists and a relentless love for them from a young age and then started to eventually write for himself, not those around him. With the first single of this new found, revolutionary sound ‘Last Generation’ seeing a lot of success back in November, featuring in the likes of Earmilk and New Noise Magazine, Howard wasted no time and continueD the momentum he had built so quickly with ‘Devil’s Playground’ to begin 2022 with.

He now returns with arguably his best work yet, in the thunderous ‘Shadows In The Dark’. He has quickly found his feet in this profound heavy rock state, with massively droning guitars and superb vocals. Kaye knows the exact moments when to switch it up, and his voice really cuts through the noise in this one in what is a pure beast of a track. It’s heavy rock that also transcends into metal, and it will appeal to all lovers of rock, showcasing the special talent that is Howard Kaye.

There are just slight remnants of electronica in there too, which only adds to the overall excitement and build of the track. Chris Harvey has proven to be the perfect partner for Kaye, as his production sounds so polished and huge, yet still there lies an understated rawness that is prominent. ‘Shadows In The Dark’ is a euphoric offering once more from this rising rock artist, and there’s no doubt that he will be among the biggest and best in the now resurgent rock scene.