1. Warfare Incomer 3:37

Incomer is a Post-Industrial /Dark Wave/ Art Rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. Formed in 2016 when they were originally called Mystic Shores, Incomer is not so much a band but more of a project, which combines music, visual art and storytelling.

Together, they mix Rock, Electronica and samples to create a futuristic and cinematic sound.

About the single:

“All the turning points in life can provoke inspiration. And in order not to get lost in the worries during war in our country, we decided to create this song. This is our manifest and a way to support the people around us. During this war we feel more than ever, we need to unify our people and the ability to be resilient and strong. We have become like network in which everyone is an army. Of course, such people cannot be conquered, and despite the situation, life in our country goes on, people are preparing to re-build cities and everything that has been destroyed, we will rise again, in the meantime, we keep fighting”


SOURCE: Official Bio