Today I talk with Neill Fraser of the up and coming New Zealand rock outfit known as Villainy. This is really an interview you must hear if you are in a band and have been thinking to yourself “How can I get ahead in the industry and really make an impact. To say that Villainy have and are making an impact is an understatement to say the least. In December Villainy are set to open up for AC/DC in Australia. Yes, you heard that right! AC MOTHERF*CKING DC!!!!!! But that’s not all! In the past they’ve toured with Incubus, The Offspring, Billy Talent, Seether and Shihad. How many indie acts can say that?

Like I said, this is an interview you must hear. It is a lesson on HOW to do things to get your band ahead. Just take a listen.

Villainy’s new album, “Dead Sight” was released last Friday and is available at the following links:


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Villainy tour dates