Today’s Jammerzine Exclusive comes to us all the way from Brighton, UK and his name is Adam Scott Glasspool. Remember that name because you are sure to remember his music. With the new release titled “I Welcome The Flood”, Adam gives each song his personal touch of bright, emotional guitar and soothing vocals. He has nearly sold out his CD release party on February 13th and shows no signs of slowing down.

“I Welcome The Flood” will be released February 15th. Check out our review HERE.

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About Adam Scott Glasspool:
Adam Scott Glasspool first started going it alone in April 2015. After almost a decade in various bands, honing the craft of songwriting, Adam decided to step back from fuzzed up guitars and burbling synths and stripped it all down to just his guitar. The result was his debut EP ‘On Dreams’, a haunting and atmospheric collection of songs released to critical acclaim.

The rest of the year saw Adam travelling up and down the country, performing the songs to people, where they seemed to take on a new life by way of a loop pedal. A free live recording was released in November 2015.

Inspired by this more structured yet complex approach Adam began recording again, creating a new EP, ‘I Welcome the Flood’. Fans of ‘On Dreams’ will find familiar territory here, but also a progression and evolution of the sound. ‘I Welcome the Flood’ will be released on February 15th 2016 and will be accompanied by a UK tour.