1. An Interview with Alphanaut Jammerzine Exclusive 22:23

Today we have both a premiere and an exclusive interview with an interesting group of artists known as Alphanaut. Having formed in 2008 by Mark Alan, we get to talk with Mark about their new video titled ‘Virtual Love’. A video with an original visual vision directed by Ben Klebanoff, ‘Virtual Love’ is a stylistic message from conformity proclaiming sexual independence and freedom to be with who you want to be with, and does it with a playful and friendly style with a massive hook and a subtle execution.

In today’s interview, we talk with Mark about the new video and everything new with Alphanaut, including their upcoming album ‘On Some Planets This Is Pop’, dropping this fall, and what’s ahead for them as the pandemic slowly recedes.

The video, ‘Virtual Love’ officially releases tomorrow, or you can watch it below. Enjoy!

About Alphanaut

Alphanaut is the musical brainchild of Palm Springs/Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Mark Alan. Formed in 2008, the project was conceived as a musical collective with Alan coordinating the talents of a wide variety of musician friends and acquaintances to solidify his melodic ideas.

Mark has been honored to have his work licensed in feature films and television both in the US and Europe, including the song “Don’t Hide Away From the Sun” which was used during the closing credits of the film “Stag Night”.

In 2016 he teamed up with his nephew Austyn James (bass) to begin working on a live element for the project. The following year the two met ambient/electronic composer Jeff Kingfisher (keys) and Jeff Beardaux (drums) to complete the core band Mark had always been searching for. The band immediately began crafting a large group new music and playing the stages of Los Angeles joined by Paul Rabbit (guitars).

In fall of 2018 Alphanaut released the first song featuring the the new lineup titled “The World is on Fire”, an intimate and catchy pop song which gained a lot of attention in Europe. Early the following year the second single “Big Sensation” was released which is a tribute to the many late 70s artists that inspired the band like Blondie and Roxy Music.

Not wasting any time, the band immediately went back into the studio to record another ten songs which will make up the next Alphanaut full length titled ‘On Some Planets This Is Pop’. These new tracks will showcase songwriting talents of all five band members taking Alphanaut into a whole new musical space.

About ‘Virtual Love’

‘Virtual Love’ is otherworldly, featuring a sole pair of performance art dancers digitally launched onto an unknown planet. Featuring quirky gyrating to the new wave indie-pop track, they freely express themselves and find a connection with each other while doing so. A tale many can relate to, the harsh realities of the pandemic left a lot of us alone and lonely, relying on the internet as a virtual escape and source of vital human connection.