1. An interview with April Love from LUKCYANDLOVE Jammerzine Exclusive 1:08:19

When I first interviewed LUCKYANDLOVE’s April Love back in 2017, I knew that she and her husband Loren Luck were doing something special. And now, if you are within the west coast of the United States, you have a chance to check out what’s so special about LUCKYANDLOVE at the legendary Troubadour in West Hollywood this Saturday (September 21, 2019) with Tigercide, Nura Luca, and The Venus in Scorpio (information below)! But, in this latest interview, we also get a glimpse at how LUCKYANDLOVE has evolved and changed both musically and professionally.

The duo released ‘Transitions‘ in June to stellar reviews (including Jammerzine) and has also gone on a multi-continent tour from the West Coast to the UK. And now we get to talk with April again and get, not only some really interesting updates but an in-depth look into a pair of musicians evolving into that special area where an artist is about to go global in the truest sense of the term.

Featured image by Ryan Wilson.

LUCKYANDLOVE with Tigercide, Nura Luca, and The Venus in Scorpio
Troubadour, West Hollywood, CA, US

Address: 9081 Santa Monica Blvd. 90069 West Hollywood, CA, US
Phone: (310) 276-1158
Website: http://www.troubadour.com
When: September 21, 2019 8 PM Pacific Time Zone
Click HERE for ticket information.


From left to right: Loren Luck, April Love.
From left to right: Loren Luck, April Love.

LUCKYANDLOVE write catchy electro-pop songs with analog synths + live drums. Vocalist & multi-synth-pedal-instrumentalist April Love, and drummer & multi-synth instrumentalist Loren Luck uses every extremity while blissing out audiences with live improvisation and modulation. Loren Luck a drummer, plays melodic phrases on electronic drums and drum synthesizers with his light sticks, layering beats, musical patterns, and driving polyharmonies.

Singer April Love plays analog synths that are keyed stroked and pitch-bent through a Moog, and modulated through her foot pedal. They came off their recent West Coast and England tour and will be touring and releasing more in 2020.

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