The Naked Sun is a 6-piece roots-rock band from Philadelphia, PA. After releasing their debut album War With Shadows with the band’s most moody sonic palette to date. Continuing in the spirit of their self-branded style of “honest-rock” the band will release their latest EP, Avec la Verite’, Vous Avez le Droit d’Aimer (With the Truth you Have the Right to Love) – in October 2019. Throughout, they explore love’s darker side – betrayal, heartbreak, secrets, lies and the aftermath.

Songwriter Drew Harris was inspired to write these group of songs after witnessing the relationships of some of his closest friends suffer from the effects of secrets and lies. The second single, “Secret We Both Know,” begs the question: What’s a secret if we both know? The EP is an authentic examination of romance and — as the title suggests–honesty in the age of lies.

SOURCE: Official Bio