1. An Interview with Bishop Tha DJ Jammerzine Exclusive 1:00:04

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with underground legend DJ Bishop Tha DJ. Having just released his new album ‘#trueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’, I get a chance to have a really good conversation about a diverse and informative, yes informative, album with one of the kings of collaboration. To say king of collaboration is an understatement. To say the least. Just check out the talent on this album. You have Bishop swapping swing with his mega-talent brother, Sun Zulu. You have Ashley S., Defcee, Eze Jackson…. I could go on. As we say in this interview, #trueOGseries is hopefully a roadmap as to where hip hop is going. Forward to its roots with a new perspective. Moving forward.

About ‘Bishop Tha DJ- #trueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’

Bishop Tha DJ, Hip Hop’s most exciting underground selecta, has released his brand-new studio album ‘#trueOGseries Vol 2: New Day Co-Op’ via True & Livin Development, Street Legal Studios & Empire Distribution.

The album is based on Bishop’s podcast #trueOGseries and is coined the “Podcast like a Mixtape.” It features discussions from rappers, producers, and media personalities from within the Hip Hop community discussing everything from the Vinyl to Streaming transition through time, what the definition of a mixtape is and even what are gender roles in today’s Hip Hop. Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Bishop blends a colorful fusion of lofi hiphop and trap that never strays far away from his O.G. Boom Bap roots.

Featuring guest appearances by emcees such as Ruste Juxx, Skyzoo, Defcee, Sun Zulu, Nyota Parker and more, the album also showcases the talents of music producers such as Mydus, eu-IV, Lord Beatjitzu, Benjamin Banger, Timmy Holiday, Graffititech, Nixon and others. New Day Co-Op captures the unique personality of the podcast in an evergreen production that offers listeners a new experience with every spin – thanks to Bishop’s unique eye and ear for talent.