Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Brake Loose. This is a band that I highly recommend for more reasons than just the obvious. Take a listen to the playlist below. Brake Loose is yet another reason that COVID needs to f*ck off immediately. This is a band we need to hear and see live. With sheer rebellion in the music and the anarchy in the anecdotes, Brake Loose are a band that needs to cut loose and the place for that is on the stage.

Having said that, we get the gift of gab featuring the entire band! These are the interviews that really shine, imho. In this interview we get a glimpse of the mayhem behind the music from a band that has already found their sound and capturing them at that moment in their career between lockdown and blowup.

About Brake Loose

Based in Dublin, Ireland Brake Loose is a five-piece Hard Rock band with a fresh hard-hitting sound and a penchant for including provocative Spoken Word Poetry within songs.

Led and formed in 2019 by reckless Venezuelan frontman and poet Alex Murillo with his rough melodic tunes and theatrical vocal style. They’ve gigged extensively throughout Dublin, establishing themselves as a notable force on the Irish music scene. With Tico Pellegrino (guitar), David O’Grady (guitar), Eoin Madden (bass), and Johnny Krasuski (drums) they lay down madness dripping with head-banging grooves and electrifying solos. They released their debut single “Dublin Daze” as a music video in 2020, which was well-received online, driving the band forward.

Selling Out their first headline show November 2021 at The Workman’s Club Cellar – Dublin, with this hype, they are currently crafting their debut album.