1. An Interview with Casper Sun Jammerzine Exclusive 38:15

Edward Chao, a.k.a. Casper Sun is a perfect example of those new types of artists that break the traditional mold while captivating people from around the world with their combination of originality, creativity, and ingenuity. Casper’s music is a unique blend of urban sounds and classic instrumentation perfectly blended into what he calls ‘mellow-hype’. I consider him to be more of a multi-instrumentalist myself, as this interview will prove.

And in this interview, we talk about his upcoming EP titled ‘Pink Matter’ and how it came to be. Casper gives brilliant insight as to the music industry as a whole and how it is evolving with artists such as himself and the ever-expanding landscape that is emerging for those very artists both online and in the independent music world as a whole.

Check out the video for ‘Sonnie’ below from the ‘Pink Matter’ EP. This gives a glimpse of the suave swagger of the three tracks, which also include the tracks ‘November’ and ‘Burberry’. We talk about all of the tracks in the interview with some interesting stories from Casper about them, particularly ‘November’.

‘Pink Matter’ is set to release today (June 10, 2019) on all digital platforms.

About Casper Sun
Casper Sun’s music is a potent concoction of indie-pop instrumentation and hip-hop sensibilities with a penchant for dreamy and vivid lyrics that depict his unique world view.

Casper is the moniker of suburban musician, Edward Chao, who refines his rapping into a genre classified as “mellow-hype” to keep you going at a relaxed pace.

His past “Blue Matter” EP was his first step into the scene where he established himself as a multi-faceted musician who can write love ballads on his guitar just as easily as delivering stone-cold raps from his college-ruled notebook.

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Stepping into 2019, Chao’s single, “Sonnie,” tells the familiar story of coming back home, but not experiencing what home used to be. He uses his medium to convey stories about love and survival, and crafts relatable tales that bring people closer together. Come into Casper Sun’s world with his latest release “Pink Matter.”

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