1. An Interview with Church Friends Jammerzine 45:46

To catch a band at that magic moment when success is at its grasp and a loyal fanbase awaits the next release is that type of moment that both fans and the band itself seek to find. It is the first ultimate goal. Those listeners that want that new sound and that band that perfected that sound is when you have that perfect marriage in music. Today, we have such an artist in the form of Louisville, Ky based Church Friends.

Today we get to talk with the entire band about their new single ‘Strawberry Cough’ (review HERE), as well as their upcoming album and what it is like to be at that moment in a band’s career when greatness awaits and originality is there.


The Louisville, Kentucky band Church Friends writes and performs groove-based psych-rock / R&B Fusion. This sound is primarily influenced by the group’s shared reverence for Anderson .Paak & Grateful Dead. This intoxicating combination has taken on a sub-genre of its own, Kush Rock. Prominently featured are the raw and soulful vocal talents of lead singer, Connor Hildabrand, backed up by harmonies reminiscent of groups like The Beatles.

Combine this with the smooth yet powerful styles of the lead guitarist G. Shasta, the jazz-influenced keyboardist, Aaron Snell, and UncTee, a percussionist with a rock-solid groove complete the foundation. This four-piece is experimenting with a hypnotically powerful and electrically high, energized live set that might make you nostalgic of the 1970s while still showing you what a new generation of musicians has to offer.