Church Friends premiere their stellar new single titled ‘Strawberry Cough’ featuring Jordan Jetson right here on Jammerzine! This being the first single off of their upcoming album ‘Deer Park’, this seems fitting as an introduction as such as this is a total laid back and smooth groove. Upon first listen I get the vibe of all of the glorious jam bands of old that made me want to be a musician. That psych-rock groove improv feel is abound throughout the track. And the title is fitting because it gives me the subtle urge to give myself a ‘strawberry cough’. I’ll leave that as an ‘in-joke’, but to get said joke watch the movie ‘Children of Men’ or think about that for a minute.

Jordan Jetson provides a wonderful counterbalance with his rap interlude amongst the jazz-infused break that steers the song into an unexpected trajectory while maintaining the balance set forth at the beginning. This is music for musicians by musicians.

About Church Friends

The Louisville, Kentucky band Church Friends writes and performs groove-based psych-rock / R&B Fusion. This sound is primarily influenced by the group’s shared reverence for Anderson .Paak & Grateful Dead. This intoxicating combination has taken on a sub-genre of its own, Kush Rock. Prominently featured are the raw and soulful vocal talents of lead singer, Connor Hildabrand, backed up by harmonies reminiscent of groups like The Beatles.

Combine this with the smooth yet powerful styles of the lead guitarist G. Shast, the jazz-influenced keyboardist, Aaron Snell, and UncTee, a percussionist with a rock-solid groove complete the foundation. This four-piece is experimenting with a hypnotically powerful and electrically high, energized live set that might make you nostalgic of the 1970s while still showing you what a new generation of musicians has to offer.

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About ‘Strawberry Cough’

Strawberry Cough is the first single to be released by Church Friends from their forthcoming album ‘Deer Park’. For this track, which showcases the funky soul side of Church Friends kush rock sound, the group collaborated with hip hop artist Jordan Jetson. Their first time working with a hip hop artist, Jetson has come out of the same Louisville hip hop scene that birthed national talents Jack Harlow and Bryson Tiller.

A familiar theme to many, Strawberry Cough explores the emotional turbulence of being turned down by a partner you thought was into you. The band completed all elements of the tracking, mixing, mastering, and production in their own studio which they have spent the past two years building in the basement of the house they live in together. Mastered using a tape machine, this attempt at an old school sound harkens back to days of bands living together and making music to get through day to day life. Listeners may hear the heavy Anderson Paak and Hiatus Kaiyote influences.