1. An Interview with Cinthya Hussey Jammerzine Exclusive 29:35

Cinthya Hussey has today released her new single titled ‘My Heart Is A Ghost Town’’. In addition to presenting you with the single, we have a chance to talk with Cinthya about her music including ‘My Heart Is A Ghost Town’’ as well as her beginnings, her acting career, and much more.

‘My Heart Is A Ghost Town’ is one of those types of songs that announces its style and signature from that first note. Aside from being a track that showcases Cinthya’s beautiful vocals, it also gives a glimpse of her vocal styling. Her perfect inflections and cadence that captures the emotion of each lyric as well as that sense of melody. Add to this the style of the music itself, with an almost David Lynch influence and a Mazzy Star nod to the hook, the mix of ‘My Heart Is A Ghost Town’ is as much of a focus to the audiophile. Each instrument is lovingly panned to the right degree and the acoustics of the moment are captured in just the right way. This may be her signature song.

About Cinthya Hussey

Cinthya Hussey is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress & visual artist.

A few years ago Cinthya watched a TED Talk featuring Paula Fuga and her inspirational speech ‘Believe In Yourself’ on how we all need to pursue our dreams. At the end of her presentation, Paula performs one of the songs on the ukulele that had brought her international recognition. Cinthya thought, “I could learn to play that instrument”.

Not long after, Cinthya was given her own ukulele as a present and taught herself to play by learning cover versions of songs that she has loved since being a teenager. There are several videos of Cinthya on her own YouTube channel performing songs by The Pixies, The Cure, Depeche Mode, & Cigarettes After Sex as well as the ‘official’ video for Cinthya’s first single, released in July 2020, of her stunning reworking of Morrissey’s ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’. Produced by Wayne Hussey, singer-guitarist in the British band The Mission, who has also produced Cinthya’s 2nd single, ‘My Heart Is A Ghost Town’, which is being released today (December 11th).

‘My Heart Is A Ghost Town’ – a vision of 50s/60s pop meets the Cocteau Twins meets David Lynch – is the first song that Cinthya has written herself, originally a poem that she recently put to music, which will be included on her debut solo album planned for release in 2021.

Cinthya has also recently contributed vocals to a couple of remixes of the Beauty In Chaos anthem, ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’. The ‘Rapid Reiteration Mix’ is remixed by renowned producer Tim Palmer whose credits include U2, Pearl Jam, Robert Plant, & David Bowie among many others, and the ‘Equipoise Mix’ is mixed by the Beauty In Chaos head honcho Michael Ciravolo in tandem with Grammy-winning producer Michael Rozon. Cinthya’s unique paintings were also used as artwork for the albums ‘Out Of Chaos Comes’ and ‘Chaos Continues…’

This is what Tim Palmer has had to say about working with Cinthya:

‘I had the opportunity to mix ‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’ recently for Cinthya and it was a joy. Her voice is something special. 

Ever since I was a young lad, I have been attracted to the sound of foreign female voices singing in English. Astrid Gilberto, Charlotte Gainsburg, or even Abba, always exude something special by being from far off lands. Somehow the accent gives the voice an innocence, mystery, and charm. Well, Cinthya has all that and more. Her choice of notes is refreshing and unique and I am left wanting to hear more. I wish her great success.’

And Michael Ciravolo, the curator of the Beauty In Chaos collective, wrote this about Cinthya:

‘‘The Delicate Balance Of All Things’ was the first tune I wrote for ‘The Storm Before The Calm’ and still one of my favorites. When I heard Cinthya do her cover of ‘Everyday Is Like Sunday’ I really fell in love with her voice. When I initially sent this stripped-down version to her and Wayne I thought she would sing more backing vocals and harmonies to Wayne’s original lead vocal, but when we received the trackback it was like WOW! Cinthya really took the song over ad took it to a new, totally different and beautiful place and I knew it was something special.’

Wayne Hussey, who has recorded both of Cinthya’s two singles in his own Green Room Studio in the countryside outside of Sao Paulo, commented:

‘Cinthya has a unique and singular vision. It’s rare, in my experience, for new musicians to be so certain of what they want to do, how they want to sound, as Cinthya is. It’s refreshing. Both recordings were totally driven by her, my job being principal to help her realize the soundscapes she was hearing in her head. Her voice is certainly something individual and the way she phrases things is unlike anyone else I know of. There is a sensuality to her voice that is effortless which is as all real sensuality should be.’