Swedish artist Lodet has today released his new single titled ‘Chasing Circles’. Somewhat bathed in gospel with hints of soul, this track is truly an alternative take on that and more with Lodet’s unique and fitting vocals and a masterful skill at songwriting.

This is one of those songs that really kind of sneaks up on you in a subtle way. Leaving you wanting a second listen to get a feeling for the track after that initial curiosity set in when you heard it the first time. This is the mark of a song that stays with you long after you find something else to do. ‘Chasing Circles’ will define your day.

About Lodet

Swedish singer-songwriter lodet (Joakim Bjornberg) weaves personal tales and forward-looking optimism into psych-rock vignettes that traverse styles. The laid-back feel of his music is thanks to many hours spent bird watching and plotting his garden while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

After years of writing for J-Pop artists, Bjornberg now looks inward for the inspiration to create his own music under the moniker of lodet. lodet is rooted in Bjornberg’s childhood and taken from the name of his daycare in Trollhattan, Sweden. His parents worked long hours; his father at the factory during the day and then practicing with his band in the evening, and his mother as an overstretched social care worker.

Often, Bjornberg was relegated to waiting on campus after hours, and it was here at the tender age of six that Bjornberg discovered his love for the stage and for music. “Me and my friend played along to my dad’s cover band cassette recording,” Bjornberg shares. “Daniel drummed on pillows and I sang “Can’t Explain” by The Who on the mic. That was when I cemented the image of myself as a frontman, entertainer, guitarist.