1. An Interview with Cory José Jammerzine Exclusive 27:17

Today we have an interview with an artist that has a unique perspective on music. That artist is Cory José. Cory is a solo artist based in Chicago but geared for the world. Cory is an artist that knows what types of music make him smile and wants to share that feeling with the world. And that music is a unique blend of styles past and present spanning the globe.

And now we get a peek into the mind behind the music as Cory talks with us about his new single ‘Soupçon Salissant​/​Lines’ and new single series titled ‘Warmth’ Parts 1, 2, and 3 and the meaning behind it as well as an exclusive video premiere for said series (below).

Excerpts from the interview:

I think you’ve come at the right time in music, being at the start of the twenties, because that sound hasn’t been defined yet.

‘Yeah, it feels really good, obviously, every single waking moment, of being a musician is frustrating, but, it feels really good, at the very least, to know that there seems to be a sea change at how people are interpreting different styles of music. Like, I am really impressed with what England has going on with all of their bands. Every single I’ve heard from indie rock bands that have come out this year from England; they’re all really good. And they’re all fun. And they’re all a little dark. And they all say something even when that something is comical or tongue-in-cheek.’

Your music has an almost ‘Cabaret’ feel to it.

‘Yeah, you know its kind of funny in a way because I’ve never really been someone who has been a fan of musicals and cabaret or opera or anything like that but everybody that I’ve played it to has been like Cole Porter or something you could write for like a musical. Maybe that’s my end calling.’

About Cory José

Cory José, “The Solo Cholo”, is a Latino musician and songwriter based in Chicago, IL. He’s a lyrical and musical riot in an age of study beats, crafting stories and waxing poetic amidst a backdrop of midi-fied Orchestras. Taking cues from modern Indie Pop giants as well as the old guard of 60s & 70s pop songwriting, Cory José is an artist for all ages willing to push the envelope of genre and showcase a cavalier approach to broaching nuanced song subjects.

“Warmth” is a 3-part orchestral odyssey from the perspective of a person involved in a tumultuous extra-marital affair. It’s “electronic” but only the sense that all but the bass & guitar was made completely with a midi controller & Logic. It is an exploration into that nuanced topic without the usual ironic or chauvinistic POV that male-fronted songs about sex tend to have (yet still being clever and light-hearted).