Between tinder dates, daily work life and watching Netflix is a huge gap called loneliness in the life of a single. About this gap is that personal song by singer Timo Januschewski who sings about his current time.

‘I wrote this song after another bad tinder experience.“, said Januschewski. „I met someone really nice and handsome but after she broke up I felt so paralyzed and empty. I realized that everyone around me was getting married, having a child and all that adult stuff but I was still in a continuous loop of dating. So I wrote that song as a snapshot of my current life and also to reflect myself. I still haven´t found a better woman yet but life is a giant search of luck, hope, and love. It just needs time to find it.’

This snapshot is underlined by a catchy guitar riff in the verse and a blaring guitar sound in the chorus. This unique german band bunches serval styles like cross over, hip hop and rock in their music. This is a very authentic rock song that reflects the zeitgeist of so many young people out there.

SOURCE: Official Bio