1. An Interview with Couch Jackets Jammerzine Exclusive 1:04:39

This one is a treat on many levels. Today we have an exclusive interview with Couch Jackets. A band that not only knows how to make good music, but utilize that music to make some good. And that is in more ways than one. They have actually used their music to raise money for cancer awareness and have done quite a good job doing it too.

With their latest album titled ‘Spud V Cancer’, we get an in-depth look into the direction Couch Jackets are going creatively and personally. I say personally because this is more than a band; this is a family, and true families have that unique talent of reading each other at the right times personally and creatively. Couch Jackets do just that and more. And it shows.


About Couch Jackets

We’re Couch Jackets! Hunter Law – plays drums – Ben Eslick – bass, sings – Brennan Leeds – guitar, vox and – Allen Smith on – guitar.  Our friends to say Couch Jackets is progressive psych-rock with a groove ~ that it sounds like an alligator’s eating us. Drop us a line anytime!

SOURCE: Official Bio