Soultru & Progeny have released their new single titled ‘Y.O.U.’ and given us answers to a few questions as well!

What we get with ‘Y.O.U.’ is a dark and soulful journey, both musically and lyrically, down a rabbit hole, of sorts. The subject matter is vivid and stark while the music lays down a solid soundtrack destined to cause introverted reflection but never regret. Music as a life lesson and lyrics as a notice. Isn’t this what music is about? Live, learn, love lose. Not always in that order but always at some point, together or individually.

How does “Y.O.U” fit into the bigger picture of your upcoming EP?

Soultru – This is only the second project Progeny and I have put in work on. When he shoots me something he created it always seems like the stories already there. I just have to find the words from my heart and mind. Sort of listening and feeling things out. It always seems to bring out the best stories and thoughts that I might have expressed to some. But putting it in a song reaches a few more people at the same time. I’d say Y.O.U. fits into the picture as it was the first song written from a project that will let people in to my head a bit more.

What were some of the production techniques used on this single and how hands are you in that process?

Progeny – Once the beat is all made I transfer everything onto Pro Tools. Once the whole track is mapped out I will move on to my synths and add layers to the beat just to give it some more texture in the music. Once I have mixed the track I send it out to soultru and that’s where he adds his vocals and basically is now a whole new instrument to the song. Soultru will send it back to me and I’ll start to mix his vocals but on this one, we sent his vocals to get mixed and mastered by Fez Harper.

Were the instruments played live for the recordings or were they sampled, or a mix of both?

Progeny – I made this beat with the Akai MPC Live. That’s where I start all my process & sequence the music out. This track does have a sample and I borrowed the guitar part from Timber Timbre.

When did you first come up with the idea for such darky and moody subject matter that you showcase on “Y.O.U.”?

Soultru – I’d say it was maybe a month after I first received the link to the song to write to. During my process I sort of feel out melodies to see what my brain hears. Then I go through how does this track make me feel and I run off that topic lyrically. After that it’s ok give it a day or 2 to see if I like what I’ve started then if I do I keep at it from there. To me when I first heard this track it reminded me of The Weekend so I feel like some of that had to do with it. But that’s sort of been the thing with our music together. We’ve been through our fair share of life’s rollercoaster and seeing things separately gives us a common ground that when we bring things together the vibes come natural to us.

Would you like to let our readers know anything else about the band?

Soultru – For those that might be experiencing our music for the first time. We linked a few years back after out mutual homie Ceschi Ramos introduced us to one another at a show. He dropped to suggestion of collaborating and things lined up a few months later. The Fake Four Inc. family has really been a godsend for me. I would urge anyone who enjoys amazing music to do some digging into the family tree.