1. An Interview with Dolfiin Alexander Jammerzine Exclusive 19:58

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Dolfiin Alexander with a couple of bonuses: A review of his new album ‘Rainbow Days’ and the premiere of his new video titled ‘Smudge’, both out today.

The interview is more like a conversation with musicians, as Dolfiin freely talks about ‘Rainbow Days’, his life on the road, and what its like to be an artist in a post COVID world. Consider this a learning experience if you want to become a musician and how to behave like an artist if you want to create beautiful things.

The video for the track ‘Smudge’ is a scenic vista with a sonic spectacle. A time meant for introspection and reflection. A soundtrack to that future memory waiting to reveal itself subtlety. A journey set to music, ‘Smudge’ reminds me of those simpler times as a child when I would stare out of the window of our sky blue Caprice Estate station wagon on a road trip to somewhere, serenely staring at the landscape blurred by motion, without an adult care in the world. Listening to the road in that lucid dreamlike state as the sounds of the tires moving on the road turned into music with a beat. Good music can create memories as much as it reminds us of them.

Dolfiin Alexander’s new album titled ‘Rainbow Days’ also releases today. ‘Rainbow Days’ is an intellectual album on the surface but, much like ‘Smudge’, continues the concept of introspection in a creative manner as to become a part of your thoughts if you get carried away while you listen to it. Let it play. Begin with track 1. Meditate while you listen and get engulfed in each track as it carries you. It will.

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About Dolfiin Alexander

Gentle and intimate, the music of Dolfiin Alexander, a Northern California native Paolo Mancasola, drives at an inner sense of calm. With his light finger picking, soothing vocal delivery, and seamless use of ambient textures for embellishment, every song he writes seems to immerse listeners in a sort of meditative experience, as though they are sitting in the room with him. The calm is far from hollow, and the intimacy captured by the artist allows listeners to tap into the vast array of emotions expressed through his music. Some of them are tied to a sense of nostalgia for his birthplace, with his lyrics walking us through his memory-bank.

Other times they are tied to something more immediate, capturing the sensory experience of simply being present with him in his life. The themes of his first record, RAINBOW DAYS, remain tied to these mellow and melodic roots, but the production elements begin to veer into more abstract territory, capturing the expression of his consciousness with an even greater nuance. For fans of intimate confessional indie rock, the album is a can’t miss.

Featured image by Kadri Koop.