1. No Funeral Tree Hollow 3:38

Tree Hollow has today released their new single titled ‘No Funeral’. A musically diverse and slightly dark track as far as instrumentation goes, the song brilliantly picks up in an unexpected place and chugs along like a lazy train enjoying the scenery. The three chord hook is the simplicity that the music needed to become signature and set a part into its own. This creates a landscape for the vocals and a sky for the melody. This is a track that will stay with you.

About Tree Hollow

Tree Hollow is a North Carolina-based outfit that seemingly arrived fully-formed with a cavernous, hauntingly beautiful chamber folk sound. While their EP debut, 2017’s Drown In The Moon, danced between Fleet Foxes’ maximalism and the intimacy of Iron & Wine’s hushed delivery, their long-awaited follow-up, Shrouded In Such Color, deepens that sound while exploring the somber beauty in impermanence, death, and desire for other worlds.