1. An Interview with Ethel Jammerzine Exclusive 18:47

Being multifaceted is the key to longevity in the music business. In any business, nowadays. And Israeli singer/songwriter ETHEL is just that. The evidence is in her work to date with being the front person for the metal band MAGEN as well as the Rave duo ORGONITE. And now she has struck out on her own officially with the new single and video titled ‘Super Star Baby’ (video below).

And now we get to talk with the mind behind the music. In today’s Jammerzine Exclusive, we get to talk with ETHEL about her beginnings as well as everything that led to her solo breakout and an upcoming show you have to hear about.

Born in Latvia, living in Israel, Also known as the lead singer of Rock/Metal band MAGEN and the Middle Eastern rave act ORGONITE, acts that perform festivals in Israel and around the world, surrounded by loving and loyal fans. Ethel recently decided to take herself, her name, art, and all her inner world into the front of stage and creation and just now released her first ever debut single: “Super Star Baby”.

SOURCE: Official Bio