1. An Interview with Holy Wars' Kat Leon Jammerzine Exclusive 56:45

Holy Wars is a band that is as diverse as it is determined. That is ever more evident in this exclusive interview with Holy Wars’ frontwoman Kat Leon. Kat survives by thriving from her life and putting into her craft. That is a talent I wish everyone had. We would be in a much better world, I think.

And what we learn in this interview is how the music of Holy Wars, as well as Kat’s solo work, are part of an anthology of life. Some of it is dark, some of it light, but all of it real. And what we get in the end is a life in progress. We are all in our own personal holy war, whatever that may be, and what we get through Kat’s voice and the music of her and collaborator Nicolas Perez is a reflection of progression through originality and creativity. This is the very definition of what music is, or at least what it is at its best.

Holy Wars new EP titled ‘Holy Unholy’ is due out this fall. Check out the video for its lead single titled ‘Legend’ below.

About Holy Wars

In death there is rebirth…in adversity there is hope and at some point, everyone experiences their own personal Holy War. This would be the same for Kat Leon, frontwoman of the Los Angeles-based band, Holy Wars, whose unexpected loss of both parents in 2015 would ignite such a fire in her, Holy Wars would erupt. Creating a world of sound and visual surrealism with co-creator and guitarist, Nicolas Perez (The Beta Machine, Kitten), Holy wars is not just a band, but innovators evoking a way of forward-thinking as a poster child of self-discovery.

Music that was written from grief, takes you into the mind of Leon that is raw, beautifully dark and romantically honest. The sound of Holy Wars is laced with driving, heavy bass, atmospheric guitars, industrial sounds, grunge, and a punk attitude.

Their live show evokes all this energy and more with a guttural, cathartic performance breaking down the walls between the band and the audience. Leon is a hurricane of a performer, taunting the audience’s inner demons to come out and dance with hers. Their show is one to witness to really experience what a Holy War is.

After their 2017 debut release ‘Mother Father’, a dedication EP to Leon’s late parents, Holy Wars forged their own unique sound combining dark pop, emotional lyrics, industrial drums, aggressive bass and ambient guitars in their newest single “Born Dark”.

Produced by Hunter Burgan (AFI). Engineered by Mat Mitchell (NIN, APC, Puscifer) and Jeff Sahyoun (Letlive) Drums by Jeff Friedl (APC, The Beta Machine, Puscifer) Following with their upcoming single, “Legend”, set to release June 21st, 2019. Produced by Hunter Burgan (AFI). Engineered by Mat Mitchell (NIN, APC, Puscifer) and Jeff Sahyoun (Letlive) Drums by Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle, The Beta Machine, Puscifer)Additional Vocals: Matt McJunkins (A Perfect Circle, The Beta Machine, Eagles of Death Metal)

The production of their new single, “Legend” is cinematically epic with lyrics about the self-ego, chasing greatness and it’s cost. Perfect for a movie trailer, “Legend” is intoxicating and dark with a sense of power.

Holy Unholy EP set to release Fall 2019- Pushing the boundaries of Society’s norms, Holy Wars takes you on a journey of existence, the ego and the killer/victim of one’s self in their upcoming album.

Past Support Slots Include: Papa Roach (Two Sold-Out Nights at The Roxy), Reignwolf (Sold Out Roxy & Moroccan), Death Valley Girls, INVSN, Shy Girl, & many others Written up in Billboard, Revolver, LA Times, LadyGunn, VoyageLA, The Huffington Post, Rock Cellar Magazine, and more, Holy Wars buzz has been infectiously building in their short existence. As lifetime musicians, Leon and Perez’s music has been featured on FOX, FOX Sports, ESPN, Amazon Prime, TLC and more.

SOURCE: Official Bio

The Debut EP is free to download HERE.

“Hearing Holy Wars on a stream is one thing, but seeing the band perform live is a whole other experience. Kat Leon is an enchanting performer, full of emotional and physical movement — something that needs to be witnessed live.”
– Grimy Goods

“Orphan” is a gripping, mesmerizing number that merges elements of doom rock with the cinematic goth-rock of Kate Bush and Chelsea Wolfe. The searing guitars, hardened rhythms, and Leon’s soaring vocals form a wall of sound that pounds on your chest again and again. While the music is dark and heavy, it is a reflection of the pain and anger of a woman who has lost her heart and soul and is now alone. Her lyrics are emotional and hard-hitting”
– The Revue

“We’ve had the pleasure of catching (and reporting) on two Holy Wars shows in 2017, but without the knowledge or history behind the music. In both instances, we were captivated by the energy that this band fed its audience. The energy was electric: intense and visceral. However, knowing all of the pain and healing that Kat put into writing the music, and seeing her embody all of those emotions on stage, amplifies that energy 10 fold.”
– Blurred Culture

“Wonderfully gloomy”
– Billboard

“Incredibly moving”
– Huffington Post

“A distinctly heavy synth-rock sound that’s somewhere between Siouxsie and Suicide with a modern production sheen”
– Los Angeles Times

“The Propulsive sounds and moving lyrics that drive(Holy Wars)’Mother Father’ are so good in every way”
– Huffington Post