1. An Interview with Diamond Shake Jammerzine Exclusive 56:42

Today’s Jammerzine Exclusive is about survival. Not only survival but coming out the other side a better person. That person is Diamond Shake, aka Matthew Hitchens. Matthew has that enviable ability to take the bad aspects of life and make them work for you. You will hear about that in this interview, and it is something you want to listen to because Matthew is sharing his life lesson. And the result is his project Diamond Shake.

His new album titled ‘From Method to Madness ‘ drops November 15 and his new single/video ‘Let it Die’ drops tomorrow (check out our review HERE). That being said, this is a perfect time to get to know the wizard behind the curtain and learn about him as a person as well as a musician. After that listen, you will be a new fan of both Diamond Shake and Matthew Hitchens.


As discussions on mental health, addiction, and immigration in America gain more prominent, nuanced coverage on cable news, Diamond Shake mastermind Matthew Hitchens has lived at the epicenter of those hot button issues for the past fifteen years.

Growing up in London and playing in bands through his teens, Hitchens moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue a music career for himself. After a few failed projects, missed auditions, personal struggles, and a particularly bad visa experience, he decided to “stop relying on other people” and make the album that faces those demons head-on by himself.

“It’s all about my mental health problems like depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, and addiction,” Hitchens says. “Each song is about a different one of those issues while also telling the story of making and releasing the album, ultimately ending in failure.”

Dour as that might seem, the resulting From Method to Madness (out November 15th) hits cinematic and ambitious heights in its heaviness. Lead single “Let It Die” opens the album with a psych-blues stomp, flowing out into a cinematic, string-laden outro.