1. An Interview with Indoor Creature Jammerzine Exclusive 37:48

Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Caleb Fleischer from the up and coming indie original known as Indoor Creature. We also get the added bonus of their brand new video, released today, titled ‘Ocean Blue’.

In today’s exclusive, we get a glimpse of music promotion and continuing that original indie magic in the (hopefully) tail-end of the COVI-19 pandemic as well as the power of the introvert. That sounds like a weird combination, I know, but you have to hear it to understand it.

We speak with Caleb about the beginnings of Indoor Creature as well as how they come up with that sound that is signature Indoor Creature as well as their new video and the makeup and individual contributions of each member and how that culminates to the creative whole.

Indoor Creatures new video is a quirky cinematic love story between a man and his ocean. Done in said style of the Indoor, ‘Ocean Blue’ is a stylistic quasi-light-prog-easy-rock poem for the introvertedly mused and the ecstatically sublime. This will put a smile on your face and hook in your head.

About Indoor Creature

Indoor Creature’s music can make your mom cry. It’s happened, and they’re flattered but would also like to apologize.

Formed in 2015, Indoor Creature has grown from a duo to a pack of six, and together the Austin-based band has played over 100 shows and two national tours. Their distinctly dreamy, jazz-inspired sound artfully contrasts lyrics that tackle topics most pop songs don’t dare to wrestle with. They explore feelings associated with growing up and up, respond to current events, and delve into their dreams, all things you’d do with a good friend while lying on the floor, staring upward. In this room, the floor and the ceiling are Indoor Creature, grounding you to reality while simultaneously inviting you to think of what could be.

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Indoor Creature is set to release their third album “Living in Darkness” in 2021 on The Record Machine. In the meantime, you can find them around Austin, online, and newly in trading card form.