SLUMB has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Come & Get It’. That smooth vibe and steady groove hit you right in the feels when combines with that weathered vocal style. This is a song to remember and define a memory with. Julien Marchal and Senbeï form a rich combination of talents only found in the best of the best. Genre hopping never felt so effortless and free of constraints and limits.

The video is a lucid mix of surreal and unexpected artistic liberties that form a yin to the music’s yang with bright cinematic flare and poetic underscore.

About SLUMB & ‘Come & Get It’

SLUMB combines Senbeï’s electronic sound explorations with Asian accents that go hand in hand with Julien Marchal’s refined piano.

Draped in adventurous poetry, SLUMB explores a musical universe made of sobriety and vaporous harmonies. As if Erik Satie met Burial, the melodies of pianist Julien Marchal marry the instrumentals of the producer Senbeï in an Electronica tinged with melancholy pop.

This is evident in the first single ‘Come and Get It’ from the new project featuring UK artist CW Jones. The song and video follow the story of a young man struggling with his addiction to painkillers while hallucinating in the streets of Moscow.

Directed by Russian filmmaker Andrei Bulatchik, (whose own career kicked off working on The Revenant directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu), the video takes you on a hypnotic and crazy journey following the main character through Moscow.

The song is a mixture of lavish vocals alongside CW’s ever insightful and tactful rapping, fuses the song together creating something fresh and unique, amidst a back story on the all too familiar subject addressing mental health.

This single falls ahead of SLUMB’s album release ‘Play Dead’ dropping on the 16th of April. Come and Get It is out on Friday 26th February. Buy links are HERE.