Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with a new and emerging artist known as Jacob Giaimo. Having just released his new single titled ‘It’s Okay’, a song about personal reflection and betterment of the self, Jacob is clearly someone who takes his music from the inside and shares it with those you love it and need it.

In this interview, we talk with Jacob about his new single ‘It’s Okay’, as well as his humble beginnings in the music industry and how he developed his sound and where he sees his music going in the future.

About Jacob Giaimo

Jacob Giaimo, from Orlando, FL., is a singer-songwriter,who became interested in music at a young age, singing in church at age 5 or 6 and learning guitar at 10. From then on, the inspiration to make music as a career was an easy choice for him.

At 18, Jacob spent his first college semester in London, where he wrote his first full album, released an EP and several singles. Once he returned home, he began playing out and discovered his love for performing, gaining many fans and followers.

Some of Jacob’s influences include George Ezra, Bob Dylan, and Ed Sheeran. He finds his inspiration to write music in a very specific way and says, “I’m always inspired to write music when I’m exposed to new sounds that either move me or introduce me to a new sensation that I haven’t experience before. What I mean by that is, is that I find different artists that I love and attempt to blend these influences into a sound of my own.”

Jacob describes his music as guitar-driven and says, “I want to express my attitude and my personality the best way I know how and that typically has manifested itself into calm, singer-songwriter songs or fun in the sun rock songs.”

In 2019, Jacob graduated from Florida State University in 2019, and moved to West Los Angeles, where he currently resides. More new music is in the works for Jacob as he is working on a new album and continues playing shows at various venues around Los Angeles.

Jacob Giaimo, a singer-songwriter from Orlando, Fl., but living in Los Angeles, CA. for quite awhile now, has a new single called ‘It’s Okay’. His thoughtful and honest music continues to resonate with his diverse fan base and garner new fans as soon as they hear his unique and compelling sound.

Giaimo says, ‘“It’s Okay” is a song I wrote to represent a feeling of reflection on life, really. The main message is that even when things get hard, it’ll all be okay if you continue believing in yourself and working hard towards happiness.”

Jacob believes, “It’s Okay” is something that he’s really proud of, being the most mature song he’s ever written. The lyrics, melody and sound are the most complex he has produced to date. He hopes it moves people like it moves him and allows them to make their own personal meaning out of the song.

Currently, Giaimo is writing and recording new music as well as performing as much as possible.

“It’s Okay” was recorded at Opus Recording in North Hollywood, CA.