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Rarely is there a musician or band that get together and move forward into a career in the music industry as an artist with the purest of intentions. By that, I mean forming together for the sheer joy of playing music. You typically run into people that I would call “fame whores”; people who are looking to be famous. This is absolutely not so with Alteras and certainly not so with their frontman, Jake Clasen.

We talk to Jake today about the ins and outs of said music business, as well as the new upcoming album “Grief” to be released this Friday!

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You will not be disappointed.



Here's to a kick ass show in Greencastle, PA to wrap up the #IrisDreamTour w/ our new best… instagram.com/p/BUnyknng5fg/

About 14 hours ago from Alteras's Twitter via Instagram


About Alteras
Throughout their career, they’ve attained some merit with their first release “Shapeshifter – EP” in 2015. Music videos following the albums release for the song “Heartseeker” brought the band national attention to the album, allowing to premiere on a variety of press outlets.

Now after gaining traction, a sweet publishing deal, experiencing touring on the road, and newly inked record deal. The band excitedly prepares to release their new album “Grief” this summer. “Grief” is a full-length album dedicated to their fans that was recorded and produced by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studios in Columbus, Ohio. According to Jake Clasen (lead singer) “These songs have gotten us through some of the toughest points in our lives; we hope they can do the same for you!”

SOURCE: Official Bio

Alteras are:
Jake Clasen – Vocals
Jordan Woolley – Guitar, Vocals
Mike Dulay – Guitar
Zack Orr – Bass
Seth Donchess – Drums


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