Slow Weather has dropped their new video for the track titled ‘Great White Male’. Off of their upcoming album ‘Clean Living’ due in November, ‘Great White Male’ gives that wonderful retrotesque style from when music had meaning and videos were an artistic creation.

That wonderful mix and match of sonic substance and originality with the brilliantly tongue-tied lyrics sew the seeds of magic in the melody.

About Slow Weather

Slow Weather is the new project from renowned producer and Catholic Action front man Chris McCrory and LNFG’s Annie Booth.

Annie and Chris first met when Annie was providing feature vocals on a Wojtek the Bear track. A big fan of his recording style, Annie then went into the studio with Chris to work on her Spectral EP. The process was extremely fun and organic, leading to talk of writing together for a new project.

After they penned their first song together in four hours, the two knew they’d stumbled across something exciting. The Clean Living EP, due for release later in 2020, was recorded mainly at Hermitage Works Studios in London, with the finishing touches added at Chris‘s home.

About ‘Great White Male’

Great White Male deals with a voice that is entitled and bitter and desperate. The track is playful but dark, echoing the shameful parts of ourselves that are not as distant as we may think. We wanted the arrangement and melodies to reflect these sinister shifts and twists.

The video was directed and animated by Benjamin Hall – Chris had reached out to him after enjoying his unique, surreal creations. We were keen to leave Benjamin to his own inspiration generally, and we’re glad we did – I think the video wonderfully captures the murky paranoia and black humor of the song, as well as the encroaching unease of our day-to-day lives.

Photo by Gemma Dagger.