1. An Interview with Jonny Kosmo Jammerzine Exclusive 23:20

Jonny Kosmo has given an exclusive interview to Jammerzine. I announce that because, when you hear his music, you will see. This artist is a true original. From his music to his life and everywhere in between.

And, in this interview, we talk about his new album titled ‘Pastry’, to be released June 4th on Feeding Tube Records and Dinosaur City Records (AUS). We also talk about his innovative video from ‘Pastry’, for the song ‘Fool’ (video below), featuring animation with personality by Peter Nichols (his YouTube link below).

Whatever your musical tastes are, I think it is safe to say that you will find space on your plate for Jonny Kosmo. His music comes from that part in all of us that wants to know our individuality and inner child. Jonny has found both, and made them partners.

“There are two sides to every coin. “Fool” is about how our character struggles can also be our greatest assets. In this case it is love and connection with another that allows the defensiveness and protection of the fool archetype to shift to that of a fool for life. I aimed to capture the movement from the rigidity of taking ourselves too seriously to the humor of being human.  This song is accompanied by a video made by Kevin Kearney, Peter Nichols (animation), and myself.”
Jonny Kosmo on ‘Fool’ video

About Jonny Kosmo

Los Angeles artist Jonny Kosmo can best be described as zany pop, funk-strange-soul. Feel-good and bouncy on the surface, a grounded ear yields psychologically thematic landscapes drawn from a history of working in mental health, bearing witness to metamorphic change and story; Musically and lyrically it seems to nod with gratitude for simply being alive. Live performances are characterized by community stage presence, brass sections, melting harmony, and occasional trampolines.

Kosmo’s debut self-titled release Jonny Kosmo (2019) saw international releases on ChiChing Records (Taipei) and Slimer Records (Italy). Following Kosmo toured supporting Jerry Paper, sharing the stage locally with such acts as Gary Wilson, Guerilla Toss, and Reggie Watts. Kosmo’s newest record Pastry draws from funk, R&B, and sample influences all the while maintaining a sprinkle of Mr. Rogers. Out June 4th via Feeding Tube Records and Dinosaur City Records (AUS).

About ‘Pastry’

Sugar on top and something nice!… Los Angles based artist Jonny Kosmo is back with LP number two Pastry, a tasty treat for the soul out June 4th on Feeding Tube Records and Dinosaur City Records (AUS). Honeyed in funk and R&B, and steeped in pop-strange composition, the sophomore record is lyrically psychological, touching upon themes of community, spiritual metamorphous, and inherent resiliency of spirit.

The stunning animation work done in this video was created by Peter Nichols. Check out his YouTube Channel HERE.

These are spring- boarded by the records construction itself; songs often created from samples of others, continually folding in on itself. The pastiche speaks to the intention: the metanarrative of personal and communal change. Pastry was recorded and mixed at Kosmo’s home studio Slimehouse as well as Record Studio 22 with Tomas Dolas (The Oh Sees/Mr. Elevator) and mastered by Alex Cooley. All of the album’s artwork was created by local Northeast Los Angeles muralist Rodolfo Karodna in celebration of community essence.