Klammer is a band that, for lack of a better term, really sounds like it has it’s shit together. Both musically and creatively. So it is a real pleasure, for me, to be able to interview the founding member of Klammer, Steve Whitfield. While being around for roughly half a decade now, Klammer has nonetheless put that unique stamp on the indie music scene with their unique blend of guitar driven alt-rock and just plain good old fashioned songwriting.

In this interview, I talk with Steve about the origins of Klammer as well as the sound of the band and him as a guitarist plus his contributions to the music world (such as his remix of Cabinet of Millionaires’ latest single ‘Theresa’, reviewed HERE). We also see what Klammer has coming up in the near future and their upcoming album.

Check out our review of their latest single titled ‘Being Boiled’ HERE.

About Klammer
Hailing from Leeds, Klammer draws on the members’ shared love for all things angular, dark, loud and melodic. Previously described as the love child of XTC and Gang Of Four, they offer an enticing contemporary twist on the post-punk attitude, blending elements of goth rock, punk rock, and darkwave, all with dark pop sensibilities. You’ll find plenty of hooks and dark and edgy broodiness coursing through their sound.

Formed by UK Producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure/The Mission/Jane Weaver) in 2014, they have already released 3 albums to great critical acclaim, with last years ‘You Have Been Processed’ receiving fantastic reviews across the board. The singles ‘Modern God’ and ‘Spiral Girl’ off the album, both received airplay on 6 Music.

Having consistently played up and down the country both as a headline act and in support of some big-name bands (including The Skids, The Undertones, Richie Ramone, Chameleons Vox, Penetration, and The Membranes), they have also played at Rebellion for the last two years and The Great British Alternative Festival. Klammer is intent on consolidating their position as one of the country’s finest live Post Punk acts.

Writing of the 4th album is underway and but in the meantime, they are releasing their version of The Human League’s early classic single “Being Boiled” on June 3rd, 2019.

“Each individual song is charged with genuine drive, energy, and precision and has its own unique spin. This is
already one of my favorites of 2018.” “Klammer have been consolidating their position as one of the country’s finest live post-punk acts”
– Louder Than War

“The best dark post-punk in the UK. ‘You Have Been Processed’ LP, a fantastic collection of songs.”
– Post-Punk.com

“It’s hard to stand out in a crowded market, but they are head and shoulders above the crowd still. Don’t believe me, then buy this record and decide for yourselves.”
– Rock Regeneration Mag

“These guys have definitely bridged the gap left by Interpol of infectious, catchy, hook-filled, dark post-punk. The world needs to wake up and embrace this band.” “They’re one of the most lean and powerful bands around.”
– Stereo Embers – California

“They have pace, power, precision and a dose of post-punk attitude, that had us salivating here at Punk Online towers.”
– Punk Online

“The new album is a generous and incredibly styled recording”
– Liverpool Sound and Vision

There are edge and menace but masked by some wonderful harmonies created by voice and guitar. I for one will relish seeing KLAMMER live to see them reproduce this great album.
– The Punk Lounge

“Punk, post-punk, and a little goth, They are a melting pot of them all and, as a result, are Klammer. In years to come reviews will be saying “with influences such as Klammer.”
– The Punk Site.com

“Klammer offer an enticing twist on the post-punk attitude, blending in elements of goth rock, punk rock, and darkwave. They have a shadowy and edgy brooding vibe coursing through their sound.”
– The Big Take Over Magazine – NYC

“Amazing and unnerving…I love what you’re doing”
– Alan Raw, BBC Radio