1. An Interview with Linda Em Jammerzine Exclusive 28:00

When an artist can take the music that they grew up with and mold and meld it into something that translates well in any part of the world, that globalization can mark the hidden talent of a true artist. There are no other artists that I can think of that embodies that mentality than Linda Em.

That worldly style of music definitely shows in her new album titled ‘London Irish’. Track by track there is an obvious creative outpouring from a musician who truly cares about the craft and can seamlessly shift from song to song with an earnest love of performance and expression.

In this interview, I get to talk to Linda about those very things plus her origins and creative process.

The ‘London Irish’ EP is available through the regular online stores and streaming platforms as of September 21, 2018, and is also be available on CD from Talking Elephant Records.

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About Linda Em
Originally hailing from Waterford, Ireland, Linda’s family immigrated to London’s East End in the 1980s. A natural singer, songwriter, and storyteller, her lyrical narrative is comparable to that of authors, poets, and playwrights with a strong visual essence, stimulating the listener’s own imagination. Her music explores a wide array of themes from forgotten fateful stories and uncelebrated heroines of the past to her own personal and family experiences.

Linda first started singing blues and rock ’n’ roll in pubs and clubs in her early twenties before meeting Chris Wyatt, with whom she wrote and recorded her first album ‘Shadow Lands’ in 2015. Her sound has grown to adopt strong elements of Americana and folk noir with an ominous and atmospheric Celtic undercurrent to it and splashes of gospel and soul.

“As a lyricist, I’m telling a story and, through working with producer Gavin Glass, I think the musical side reflects and illustrates that. Gavin has managed to give the songs and sound a strong cohesiveness even though the songs are all written with different people,” says Linda Em.

Linda draws an ethereal energy flow from her inspirations, citing numerous artists as influences, including Leonard Cohen, Edith Piaf, Nina Simone, Portishead, Hank Williams, Ennio Morricone and the poetry of Ted Hughes.

Linda Em produces music in an extraordinary mix of influences and genres, blending folk (revisited from a current London / Irish cultural perspective), a bit of rock, Celtic melody and American blues. Her music is timeless, filtering new compositions through the prism of her musical heritage to produce an overall modern day eclectic feel.

“Linda Em has wisely gambled to find a winning formula with this song. The tandem of female and male voices play off one another, with Linda’s vocals as fiery as Stevie Nicks ever were – in or out of Fleetwood Mac… In “Wild Fire”, we have a quivering ballad and sizzling chemistry with a female highly impassioned protagonist sparring in turns with a level-headed male. Fascinating, flawless, and invigorating”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“A joy to listen to and more than worthy of repeated plays. “A musical hybrid mix between Patti Smith, Patsy Cline & Beth Gibbons”
– Blues And Roots Music Blog

“Em-azing! We’re predicting big things for songstress Linda Em”
– Daily Mirror

“Linda Em has a singer’s heart and a storyteller’s soul. Her songs reach deep and her voice wraps around the words in ways that stay with you… Whether in an intimate studio setting or live, her songs and stories shine through”
– Martin Bridgeman, KCLR Radio

“Absolutely stunning… passion, style, and heart, striding across genres”
– Beehive Candy

“Making sense of London’s contradictions with a voice that betrays the edge of Eire in its country-huskiness, yet quietly urgent… melding Celtic roots with influences ranging from the smoky blues end of the folk spectrum”
– Rock ‘n’ Reel’ Magazine