New Zealand-based Twig Pigeon releases his new single as of today, title ‘Phantom’, featuring the soulfully sexy vocals of Martine. To listen to this track is to not only show the versatility of Twig Pigeon as an artist but to also show the diversity of Twig Pigeon as a musician. While the EP that features ‘Phantom’ will be released January 29, ‘Phantom’ is a sneak peek of things to come and the sonic creation that is ‘Phantom’, as well as the lush and full production value and creative ‘mastermindedness’ cannot be ignored.

“Phantom ft. Martine” is released as of today across all digital and streaming platforms, followed by “Tokens ft. Rachel Fraser” on November 26th, and “Chemistry ft. Vanessa Stacey” on January 14th, 2019. Pre-order the entire EP, or get the single HERE.

The EP, ‘Beyonds’, will be released on January 25th, 2019.

About Twig Pigeon
Twig Pigeon is the brainchild of New Zealand-based musician and producer, Ricky Simmonds. Ricky released his debut EP under the name Twig Pigeon, featuring Sydney Future Soul Singer, Wallace, Wellington Soul/RnB Singer Vanessa Stacey and MC Chris CK. The debut singles, “No Call ft. Wallace” and “Seeds ft. Vanessa Stacey and Chris CK” were premiered on Milk Crater, and featured through various music blogs such as La Belle Musique and Howls and Echos.

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‘Beyonds’ is the forthcoming EP by Twig Pigeon. It’s a collection of songs relating to the trials and tribulations of making decisions, the anxieties that come as part of that, acting on your emotions and the effects this can have on yourself and the people around you. The EP was written, recorded, produced and mixed over the last two years by Twig Pigeon in Auckland, NZ, Wanganui and Wellington.

“It has been a long process for me on this record. Dealing with big changes in my life and going through some significant learning experiences along the way. I felt when this EP was complete, the time searching for the most authentic sonic representation of what I have been going through was worth it. The EP is a step by step reaction through the initial anxiety of something you’re going through, towards the outcome; where you emerge as a stronger and more resilient person of who you were when you began. Treating what can feel like a challenging emotionally driven ending as an inspirational beginning to what is ahead for you.”
– Twig Pigeon

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What people are saying:

“Blending genres and sampling bits of soul, progressive, electro, and funk, Twig Pigeon has crafted a fresh sound to call his own.”
– Milk Crater

“Twig Pigeon did a great job on his single and hopefully with the release of his debut EP, it sets him off for a fruitful career in music with more projects for us to sink our teeth into.”
– Purple Sneakers