1. An Interview with Lost Art Jammerzine Exclusive 27:28

Today we get a double dose of sonic goodness in the form of this exclusive premiere of the new song from the Canadian juggernaut known as Lost Arts along with a detailed interview with their lead singer Caleb Thompson. And, with that said, the interview delves into detail the need-to-knows such as the beginnings of Lost Arts and so on, but what you will want to hear is about the comradery and tightness that this band has, not only musically but personally.

And that comradery shows in their new song ‘Weightless’, premiering right here right now. That dark swagger is evident from the press play moment with that gloriously gritty stamina throughout. But what stands out the most is that originality that demands a listen. This band has that hunger that more artists need in the #indie scene that shows they have that certain something that gains your attention and keeps your loyalty.

About Lost Arts

It is believed that Rock Music is a thing of a past. An art form lost in the ever-expanding boundaries of the Music Industry. Something new is upon us, something never heard before. Four Men have come together to join the fight. Four Men picked up the pieces their forefathers left behind and continue to create. Lost Arts are energy & emotion that must be experienced live to truly understand. Lost Arts will make you sing, dance & mosh with total strangers. If this is your first time hearing of Lost Arts…. Pay Attention.