Today, J.Scalco drops his new video for his latest single titled ‘The Fire (Make Your Move)’. Featuring Lindsay Fulton and directed by D.DeLeon, the video visualizes that moment when choices must be made in a relationship. Relax or reject. Bound or rebound. That and many more options are shown in the video of a couple in the city in a modern noir style that captures the song in a very artistic and cinematic way. The scenic cuts and blends move and mix with the beat of the track which, itself, is both subtle at times and exclamatory in the chorus which pushes the point of the song when it needs to. Poppy and danceable in a groove-oriented aspect, ‘The Fire (Make Your Move)’ makes the move with confidence, and this is why you will remember it.

About J. Scalco

J. Scalco was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. At an early age, he knew he wanted to move to Hollywood to join the fun & excitement of music & movie-making. To take a leap of faith by following his heart J.Scalco decided to pack his bags and head for the West Coast, where he landed in Burbank, California.

J.Scalco quickly found himself playing in a rock band, working on national commercials, hit television shows and major motion pictures with bit parts and Under5s, but always dreamed of bigger and better things.

Dissatisfied with the direction his acting and music careers were headed, J.Scalco took a long break. He was determined to learn the ins & outs of both the music industry as well as the film industry. After some pretty well-established internships with major companies, J.Scalco decided it was time again to branch out and develop and produce his own material.