1. An Interview with Microcosms Jammerzine Exclusive 52:52
  2. Better, Together Microcosms 3:55

Today we have a double dose of #indie in the form of an exclusive interview and premiere from who I consider one of the unsung heroes of the unsigned scene. I am speaking of Chicago’s Microcosms.

And now, with the addition of Ronn Richardson on guitar, the sound is filled and full. And we get that in a glorious fashion in the new single ‘Better Together’ (player above). The sound is found, as is said in the interview. ‘Better Together’ will be, in my opinion, the song that could, or should, break the barriers to the masses for Microcosms.

We get an in-depth look at this new addition with an interview with both Ronn and front-man Andrew Tschiltsch about this evolution of revolution that Microcosms is in the midst of taking as well as the new music and what the future holds for the band as a whole in this world of quarantine.

‘For me its been cool because I haven’t really played with that many musicians in my life. I started Microcosms and that’s really been the only band I’ve ever been in. So, for me, it was great to get these ideas because Ronn can play bass, play keys, and more so we don’t have this issue on who should play what.’

Andrew Tschiltsch

Check out the new single on Spotify HERE.

About ‘Better, Together’

Though American culture preaches rugged individualism, we do not live in a vacuum. The actions we take have direct effects on the other people in our lives and communities. Relationships, businesses, and governments all require more than one person to exist, and all of these things undeniably function better when people work together to empower and empathize with each other.