Hunter Porter premieres his new lyric video for the track titled ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ right here on Jammerzine. This track is one of those quietly beautiful songs that creep up on you until the chorus when it brazenly announces its presence. I love that about this song. That sonic duality that is as seamless as it is timeless. That slow build to the crescendo done in such an impactful way like a book you can’t put down. It makes you wish the song was longer yet that too makes sense in the construction of the song. Some things were meant for the moment.

‘Nothing Left to Lose is about expressing to someone you’d give anything in the world to see them happy. Wanting so badly to see them be authentically themselves without fear of judgment and not the character they put on to blend into the rest of the world. Whatever small amount of ourselves we change to placate others, we lose in our own genuineness.’
– Hunter Porter

About Hunter Porter

Based out of Los Angeles, California Hunter is an Alternative Rock guitarist and artist focused on realizing a creative vision that features blistering guitars, noisy melodies, and explosive musicianship. That one kid at jazz school who just wanted to play punk music, he earned a Bachelor’s of Music in Guitar Performance in 2013.

While touring and playing for other acts as a hired guitarist, he crafted the idea to release a narrative fiction podcast, the entirety of which would be scored by his original music. In 2018 he published the podcast, “NEW NOISE: The Podcast Saving Rock N’ Roll.”