1. An Interview with Ohtwo Jammerzine Exclusive 29:02

Ohtwo have today premiered their new album titled ‘A Time to Be So Small’. And we get a special extra in the form of an exclusive interview with ‘both two’ of Ohtwo in the guise of Ohtwo’s BYSON and Faust!

In the interview, we talk about the album as well as their beginnings and special insights of and from the dynamic duo that is Ohtwo.

When it comes to ‘A Time to Be So Small’, we have what I call a timestamp for this moment in history. The interview will give you the backstory of the album, which is something to hear, straight from the mouths of the artists but the songs speak for themselves and to the listener in more ways than one. Stylistically, the album is a genre-hopping melting pot that spans the gambit and surrounds the ears with sonic bliss and oral education in the age of the pandemic and in the face of global change. All of you will have a personal favorite in an album this varied (mine is ‘Swell’), but my hope is that the collective message will be taken as a personal message.

Listen to the album ‘A Time to Be So Small’ below.

“The goal of this album is to reject modern pop themes and deconstruct them,” the duo elaborate in a statement. “In that process, we want to bridge a gap between somber and introspective music through the lens of a trap.”

About Ohtwo and ‘A Time to Be So Small’

OHTWO describes themselves as a post-pop duo, but a simple question may explain their headspace more directly: what if Interpol’s Turn On The Bright Lights was made by Gucci Mane?

Ohtwo’s BYSON and Faust formed in 2017 and quickly gained notoriety in Florida’s underground scene with such lines of experimental thinking, fusing their love of post-punk and trap into cohesivity. Named after the closing track on Interpol’s Antics, A Time To Be So Small is both reintroduction and a culmination for the duo, encapsulating their eclectic sound while providing a lane for some of Faust’s most lurid storytelling yet.

As a result, Small feels like a fittingly downcast document of the COVID-19 age, which makes sense given the duo completed production as the pandemic’s first cases began popping up stateside. Simultaneously insular and looking to the world to answer for heartbreak and hardship, A Time is the duo’s clearest encapsulation of their post-pop sound while continuing to push their own boundaries as artists.

SOURCE: Official Bio