Jasmine Thakral has premiered her new video for the track titled ‘Running in a Haze’. Coming off as a lazy summer song there is a deeper essence just under the surface. That feeling of longing and loneliness brought on by the lockdown has hit us all. Lucky, though, that there has been a steady stream of creativity coming out of the #indie scene as a result. ‘Running in a Haze’ is the latest. Making its own mark of such, the song, and visualizer, bring a calmness and a realization that we’ve all been through a lot. But what makes us survive is our introspection. Our ‘staring into the abyss and we find ourselves’ realization. Jasmine personifies that with her beautiful voice and steadfastly stoic track. Bravo.

‘Running in a Haze’ releases tomorrow.

About Jasmine Thakral & ‘Running in a Haze’

British Indian singer-songwriter Jasmine Thakral presents her debut single, “Running in a Haze,” due out August 20th on digital/streaming platforms.

Jasmine Thakral crafts dreamy, melancholic indie pop that acts as a soundtrack for a late-night walk back home. Jasmine was raised by the holy trinity of songwriters — Taylor Swift, Lorde and Lana Del Rey. She also takes inspiration from the poeticism of Joni Mitchell and the DIY origins of Dodie, as well as the Hindi music her Indian-born parents played. She likes to write about her friendships, her state of mind and about her favorite fictional characters from TV shows and books.

Jasmine grew up in a small coastal town in East Sussex, England. She studied English Literature at university but caught up in her artistic endeavours, decided to pursue music after all. At the age of 18, she wrote her first little song on the ukulele outside a cold and empty train station. The song was about the desire to belong — a theme that continues throughout the rest of her music.Jasmine can also be found hosting The Jasmine Show on Bexhill Radio, where she talks about her favorite albums and interviews local and international artists on their creative processes.

Jasmine’s upcoming single, “Running in a Haze,” deals with the melancholy she felt during lockdown. With her strong but soothing vocals and rich harmonies, the track conjures Jasmine’s sense of longing to find her way back from a hazy state of mind.

Jasmine has a lot more tunes lined up to be released and can be found in her home studio writing and recording new music.


Songwriting & Vocals – Jasmine Thakral
Produced, mixed and mastered by Edward Blakeley.

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