Jammerzine has an interview with Athena Hiotis from Prism Waves. Prism Waves (formerly RÊVE), is a band that is becoming as influential as it is branded. And being branded is a good thing. A lot of new artists don’t realize this, but you are all brands. And Athena is an expert at this from multiple angles of the music business. She is also the head of the artist-centric boutique record label Pop Riot.

In this interview, we talk with Athena about being both the frontperson of a successful band killing it on the scene as well as head of a label, making the scene, as well as everything in between (including our mutual love for Sigourney Weaver and the Alien franchise!). This is an interview with a true talent and a conversation with a genuine person.

Check out our review of Prism Wave’s latest video ‘MONSTR’ below.


There’s a lot of irony and humor in music today. Copies of copies of copies later, it becomes difficult to recall the feeling of sincerity and urgency. But, there are some bands that still manage to sound fresh in this current hellscape. And Prism Waves manage to do just that on their newest single “MONSTR.”

Formerly known as RÊVE, Prism Waves spent the pandemic expanding their sonic and visual palette. From working with Steve Agee (Guardians of the Galaxy, Sarah Silverman Program) on their short music film Maid of Heaven to their team up with international dancer/choreographer, Caitlin Rose on their newest single “MONSTR,” Prism Waves proves its commitment to bringing their work to life rests on what the song wants – no matter how left-of-center it may be. And this newest single is testament to how experimentation and effort yield fantastic results.

“MONSTR” feels as though its reaching for the past to explore the future. The sound is reminiscent of mid-00s bands like Metric, but it expands and builds on synth-pop genre. There’s a warmth to this single – a humanity that comes from the thick bass, live drums, and a fantastic lead vocal performance. Thick synth pads, swirling trem guitar, and vocal echo enrich the song rather than distract. This is a band that has fine-tuned every detail, and it’s audible in the mix on ‘”MONSTR.”

The video treatment is also fascinating. From the colors that weave in and out to the band’s live performance to the beautiful choreography by Rose, this video is endlessly enthralling. It’s an amazing feat to be able to visualize a song so confidently.

Prism Waves has clearly worked long and hard over the past couple years to develop a near perfect approach to songwriting, mixing, and visual storytelling. “MONSTR” is a masterclass in all three. Check out the single below – you won’t be disappointed!

Review by Guest Writer