Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Scenius’ own Steve Whitfield. Steve is one of those musicians you can look up to for inspiration for all the right reasons.

And, in this interview, we talk with Steve about their new single titled ‘High Low’ as well as all things Scenius and Klammer as well as what the future for both behold.

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Featured image by Kieron Brennan.

‘High Low’

  1. High Low Scenius 4:01

‘High Low’ is one of those songs that, while introducing you to Scenius if you haven’t already heard them, also takes you on a journey within the song. ‘High Low’ has that kind of style. the kind that builds up to you and magnifies through you.

While ‘High Low’ may not seem like a loud build to a crescendo, it gently walks you through an anthem for all those who wish to hear. Lightly taking it’s place in your heart while captivating your mind, this is one of those pieces of music that stays with you long after that first listen.

About Scenius

‘We like old and we like new’. These lyrics from Scenius’ new single High Low seem to reflect well the duo’s ethos that vintage synth sounds can be given a modern twist. An approach which is taken to yet another level here with synth lines that are reminiscent not just of the early masters (Kraftwerk, Foxx, Eno, Numan) but also of the second wave of electronic greats – think Underworld Second Toughest in the Infants era or even some of the more atmospheric Chemical Brother’s stuff.

High Low also confirms Scenius’ ability at crafting captivating tracks even when they defy the classic verse/chorus pattern. The duo is composed of UK producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission, Yann Tiersen…) and French singer Fab Nau. Following a series of singles released in 2020, Scenius’s debut album received worldwide critical acclaim and radio plays.

In 2021 they remixed tracks for BlakLight (US) and Projekt Ich (DE) and got remixed by Nature of Wires (UK), Klammer (UK) and Black Boiler (FR). The duo also contributed that year a track to the Generation Blitz compilation.

In 2022, Scenius – initially a studio project – have become a live band, playing a series of gigs in France. A live EP was released in May along with the complete video shootage of their very first gig.

The duo is now finishing the last tracks to their second album due out in January 2023.