Scenius has returned with their new video for the remake of the CAN classic titled ‘I Want More’. With a video that showcases Scenius’ originality and style with a visual flair, the music takes a 180° into that space outside of the box and makes this a new song to ingest and enjoy. What’s more to be said? Could this be a new summer anthem? Take from that what you will, but Scenius is a group that is forever evolving, and this definitely takes everything to a new level.

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About Scenius & ‘I Want More’

I Want More is a groundbreaking track released by experimental-rock pioneers CAN in 1976.

It captured that era’s then new sound on the dance-floor, disco, and gave it just enough twist to make it edgy but still catchy enough for it to reach the UK charts and get CAN their first and only appearance on UK’s chart music show Top of The Pops.

A visionary approach that arguably paved the way for alternative rock bands’ nods to the dance-floor in the years to come, from Ultravox and New Order to LCD Soundsystem and Gorillaz.

Scenius revisit this classic track with their signature blend of vintage electronic sounds, post-punk/dark synth pop feel and modern production. Offering a twist on the song’s original structure that emphasizes the track’s radio friendly appeal.