Scenius has today released their new video for the track titled ‘Chinese Room’ from their upcoming album ‘Life Is A Thing’, dropping May 19th. Scenius is a dynamic duo that is evolving as much as it is producing, hence creating it’s own original sound and style. Drenched in dance and filled with electronic bliss, the hook is the first priority that creates a new addition to the fanbase with every fresh listen.

About Scenius

SCENIUS draws inspiration from the early electro-pop outfits – both pre-punk (Kraftwerk, Brian Eno…) and post-punk (New Order, Depeche Mode …), through to contemporary bands (LCD Sound System and Boards Of Canada) – to pursue in their own way the same thrilling mission: make vintage synths and rhythm machines sound soulful, touching and catchy. The band is a cross-channel project, composed of Steve Whitfield – based in Leeds, UK – (synths) and Fabrice Nau (vocals) – based in Angers, France.